Oaklawn Cemetery Project

As a part of planned redevelopment of a downtown parking lot, the City of St. Petersburg determined a historic cemetery from the early 1900s was once located in the area.

With unanswered questions about the cemetery including whether there was evidence that graves had been moved in the past, Cardno archaeologists conducted a multi-instrument GPR survey of around 6.5 acres of the property.

Stream EM (a multi-antenna GPR system pulled behind a vehicle) allowed for rapid data collection within the parking lot, while a traditional single-channel ground-penetrating radar (GPR) was used in less accessible areas.

When these data were combined, Cardno identified several areas of anomalies that might be related to historic burials or cemetery features.

Despite the presence of complicated utilities across the property, this multi-instrument approach provided important data that will inform future decision making about the development of this site.

In addition to GPR survey, intensive historical research by Cardno historians resulted in the discovery of grave lot deeds that were vital in understanding the distribution of possible burials across Oaklawn Cemetery.

Cardno Cemetery Services

The Cardno cultural resources team made up of archaeologists, historians, and geophysical survey analysts, understands the complexities of investigating cemeteries, burial grounds, and other sacred areas. These projects often involve diverse community partners with strong connections to these sacred sites. Our work can often help neighborhoods, relatives, and communities better understand the history of a site and continue the healing process.

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Cardno’s national cultural resources team are working through the relocation of historical cemeteries.