Northern Everglades Public Private Partnership

Aerial view of Northern Everglades

The Northern Everglades ecosystem is one of the top environmental and land use concerns in Southeast Florida – making the Northern Everglades Public Private Partnership one of the most important environmental projects for the region and state.

The project focuses on future land use of a 47,000-acre agricultural/ranch tract in Central Florida. The PPP was initiated by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to deliver a series of large, regional-scale Basin Management Action Plan projects in partnership with the private sector.

These included a dispersed water storage project on 9,175 acres at Latt Maxcy Ranch, where our team constructed a series of berms and control structures supporting stormwater retention. We also undertook surveys and evaluations of threatened and endangered species to support the land use program as designated, assisting with the development of a 50-year strategic vision for the property.

Our team consulted with water management districts and state, regional and local government agencies to guide the client through the process of obtaining the necessary environmental permits.

The project supported the land owners (Latt Maxcy Corporation) for the property’s water storage/ retention and load reduction services. Its goal is to restore natural flows that mimic historic conditions in support of the restoration of the Kissimmee River floodplain, Lake Okeechobee and the downstream estuarine and Everglades ecosystem.