Northern Beaches B-Line Program

Photo of one of the B line bus stations

The Northern Beaches B-Line is a NSW Government’s Transport for NSW (TfNSW) initiative to enhance the transport options for the public and reduce traffic congestion along Sydney’s northern peninsula into the Sydney CBD.

A key deliverable of this project was to encourage greater public use of nine active transport nodes, including integrated walkways, cycling tracks and high frequency, high capacity rapid-transit bus services from Mona Vale into the city. 

We were engaged to prepare an Active Transport Strategy to expedite this and the key task involved the development of primary and secondary walking and cycling routes for each of the nine bus-stop catchment areas. The analysis undertaken to achieve this covered travel distance, land use intensity, topography, existing bus use and estimating cost of implementation.  

Photo of one of the B-Line Buses at a sheltered bus stop

Cardno again demonstrated it is a can-do, communicative consultancy, as a critical component was our ongoing dialogue with the four individual local government Councils along the B-Line corridor to ensure their transport strategies aligned with the project. 

Two Cardno traffic specialists were then embedded in the TfNSW traffic team on secondment to lead the operational planning and coordination of the implementation of short and long term transport plans to facilitate the introduction of B-Line bus services.  

Their key responsibility was leading the technical traffic engineering and modelling work required to successfully deliver the project.