Next Generation Asset Data Collection: Road Pavement Performance

City and roadway

The increasing pace of technological change is promising more data, of a higher quality, captured for a lower cost. This has the potential to improve the way we manage road pavement assets, but the benefits are not automatic.

Graphic showing the next generation of Road Pavement Performance

In order to understand the ecosystem of emerging technologies and how these compare to current technologies, Cardno was engaged by Austroads to publish a research report into next generation data collection technologies for road pavement performance. Austroads is the collective of the Australian and New Zealand transport agencies, representing all levels of government.

 This project involved:

  • Literature review to identify current and emerging technologies for road pavement performance
  • Engagement with Austroads member agencies and vendors to identify data needs for the asset management of road pavement assets, current and emerging technologies, and factors to consider when trialling new technologies
  • Development and implementation of a structured framework for evaluating the cost effectiveness of emerging technologies
  • Reporting on insights from the application of the evaluation framework and implications for future approaches to data collection.

This project brought together Cardno’s expertise in asset management, road pavement management, and traffic and transport engineering to develop and implement an evaluation framework that can be readily applied to levels of government.