National Defence Facility Condition Assessments

Cardno created facility data for the Canadian government

Cardno’s detailed Facility Condition Assessments across 75 million square feet of Canada’s Department of National Defence assets is contributing to more efficient and effective facility management business processes.

Canada's Department of National Defence owns and operates bases, equipment and attendant facilities in all provinces and territories across Canada. Cardno was engaged to provide detailed Facility Condition Assessments across 75 million square feet of the Department’s assets across Canada. 

This complex, mega-project includes an inventory, using the Uniformat II classification, and evaluation of the structural, architectural, plumbing, roofing, electrical and mechanical elements of every building assigned to the project, to accurately determine sustainment, restoration and modernization requirements of these assets.   

Map depicting Cardno Facility Condition Assessment projects across Canada.

A critical component of our work is to substantially improve both long- and short-term sustainment and restoration, and to modernize cost forecasting, which will ensure the implementation of the facility management business processes are more efficient and effective. 

Our work involves conducting Facility Condition Assessments of Defence Department facilities across healthcare, healthcare support and dental facilities, research and hospital laboratories, military installations, hangars, barracks, housing and administrative assets. 

We then provide comprehensive condition ratings and Facility Condition Indexes for all of these facilities. These detailed reports also include discussion of the deficiencies which have been identified and associated cost estimates to bring the assets back to an acceptable, contemporary condition. 

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