Nairobi Urban Road Maintenance Strategy Development

Field vehicle equipped with mounted cameras and measuring equipment

The Urban Roads Maintenance Strategy is not only being developed for the network around the Nairobi outer ring road, but is also intended to provide a framework for effective provision of maintenance for urban roads across the entire country.

As part of this, a suitable framework for a Road Asset Management System will be developed and a Road Maintenance Management System (RMMS) will be developed and implemented, together with a web-based mapping system for urban roads in the country. The RMMS will have the capacity to allow for the future integration of urban road networks governed by other road authorities outside of the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA)

KURA contracted the services of Cardno IT Transport and AMA Consulting Engineers to develop a maintenance strategy to maintain the urban roads network. The main purpose of the assessment is to develop a framework for a Road Asset Management System covering pavements, bridges, roadside furniture and slopes, and traffic control devices. Furthermore, developing and implementing a Road Maintenance Management System and an associated mapping System.

To achieve this, the IT transport and AMA expected to undertake the following:

  • review national road maintenance policy for urban roads
  • assess the current state of road maintenance management practice in Kenya and establish the investment needs required to sustainably keep the road network in acceptable condition
  • undertake road condition and inventory for the entire urban road network including the associated assets as an input for the RMMS
  • collect traffic data on the network and formulate a framework for undertaking such surveys and consequent analyses on urban roads in the future. The traffic database should be part of the larger RMMS
  • develop urban road maintenance management systems (RMMS) including training of authority staff in future updates of the system
  • review the current system for prioritisation and programming of urban roads for maintenance and propose an improvement of the system based on international best practice
  • develop a complete maintenance strategy for urban roads. The road maintenance management system developed should be commissioned and be in operation upon completion of the assignment including provision of a mechanism for continuous update. At least five KURA staff are to be trained on its usage.