Murdoch Drive Review Study

Aerial 3d visualisation of the proposed alternative intersection

Cardno’s work on the Murdoch Drive review delivered benefits to motorists, pedestrians and the environment, and has future proofed the City of Cockburn’s traffic network in relation to the Main Roads Western Australia Murdoch Drive Master Plan.

Located within the City of Cockburn in Perth, Western Australia, Murdoch Drive provides connections between Leach Highway, South Street and Farrington Road.  

Concerned about congestion impacts on the local road network and accessibility to Fiona Stanley Hospital and the Murdoch Activity Centre, the City of Cockburn commissioned Cardno as civil engineers to undertake a review of the Murdoch Drive connection project. 

The Cardno team drove a multi-staged process to review Cockburn’s traffic network in relation to Main Roads Western Australia’s (MRWA) master plan. 

Aerial 3d visualisation of the proposed alternative intersection

Our team reviewed the adequacy of the proposed Murdoch Drive plan and determined its suitability to effectively accommodate future traffic needs to 2031. Cardno conducted a Sidra traffic flow analysis of the proposed MRWA connection (including critical intersections), and identified concerns regarding future traffic management onto Farrington Road and local collector roads.  

As a result, Cardno devised an alternative intersection and road network layout, modifying horizontal and vertical road alignment and incorporating the use of slip lanes to promote peak hour traffic flow. 

This design relieved peak time congestion, improved access to and from the Fiona Stanley Hospital, improved connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists, and provided shorter, more predictable journey times  

Cardno also undertook assessment and mapping of environmental, social and engineering constraints and opportunities. We coordinated and collaborated with numerous stakeholders and strove to minimise the development impact of a modified road network on critical environmental wetlands.