Minnippi - Cannon Hill Community Links

Minnippi Lake

Cardno has a long history of working with industry partners to deliver master-planned communities. Many of our master-planned community projects rely on the effective integration of total water cycle management and the application of specific new technologies, such as rainwater harvesting, recycled water re-use, and the regulation of these technologies.

Our team has applied a holistic approach to water management for the Minnippi Development – Cannon Hill located east of Brisbane, Queensland. The project incorporates residential housing, open space, environmental habitat and a public golf course across the 110ha site. The Cannon Hill Community Links golf course was proposed as part of the Minnippi Development.

This project required a complex stormwater harvesting system design for irrigation of the golf course with the dual intention of improving local waterway health, managing salinity in the downstream waterways through balancing storage and stream flows and providing for beneficial groundwater recharge by enhancing natural landscapes and low-velocity overland flows.

Our team sought to maximise the collection and use of stormwater on-site to eliminate the need for potable water. This has been achieved through designing treatment and storage to capacity and standard that maximises the use of the stormwater collected for the potential end uses across annual usage and climate patterns.

Providing a more innovative, stable approach to water lifecycle management that can improve the downstream environmental quality by balancing environmental stream flows, known salinity issues and managing sediment, and deliver better quality groundwater and runoff water, would have this development and its community see long-term benefits.