MCC Compacts

Construction site in Moldova

Cardno’s real-world fiscal experience is supporting real-world benefits – from strengthening the energy sector in Benin, to improving road infrastructure in Liberia, promoting land reform in Morocco, and maximizing value on irrigation and road projects in Moldova.

Cardno is helping ensure transparent, accountable and effective implementation of MCC-funded Compacts* in many countries by providing a complete range of financial management, fiscal and procurement agent services. 

Our team is assisting MCC in its mission to stimulate broad-based, private sector-led economic growth across a wide range of partner countries. Working with MCC’s Department of Policy and Evaluation and the Department of Compact Operations, Cardno brings our extensive fiscal and procurement experience to the project.  

Cars drive around a traffic circle

This expertise, in combination with our hands-on management and collaborative approach, supports MCC threshold, eligible and Compact countries by: 

  • providing economic expertise and guidance on investments through the use of cost benefit analysis, beneficiary analysis, and economic rate of return tools 
  • identifying and addressing barriers to business formation and growth, increasing productivity and national competitiveness, and stimulating investment and export promotion  
  • supporting the establishment of public-private partnerships through sector assessments, opportunity identification, policy reform, and deal structuring  
  • increasing private sector participation in agriculture through capacity building, access to inputs, expanded markets, and enhanced agricultural value chains producing higher value crops  
  • recommending trade and investment-related infrastructure reforms to improve water systems, energy systems, and other public and private institutions  
  • providing technical leadership and oversight on design, implementation, and compliance related to social and gender performance outcomes and impacts on MCC-funded projects

Our team has built strong relationships with MCC and MCA counterparts across Africa, Asia, Europe and Eurasia. Through these relationships and our service delivery, we’re strengthening their capacities in governance and financial management, implementation of effective internal controls, prudent financial management practices, and international financial reporting standards, to ensure better economic, social and environmental outcomes for communities.

*Compacts are large five-year grants for countries that pass MCC’s eligibility criteria.