Master Plan Update, Marine Corps Base Quantico

Cardno updated the Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico 2015 Master Plan to reflect changes to Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 2-100-01, Installation Master Planning and Marine Corps Order (MCO) 11000.12, Real Property Facilities Manual, Facilities Planning and Programming and provide the framework for regulatory advisory approval from the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC).

Cardno delivered a Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC)- and Marine Corps Order (MCO)-compliant Master Plan that outlines development strategies for a 20-year planning horizon based on a newly established vision and updated baseline justifications for short- and long-range projects. The Master Plan also provides an area development plan (ADP) for Marine Corps Air Facility (MCAF) Quantico and updated information for current and future National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation. The MCB Quantico Master Plan Update evaluates existing conditions, establishes the planning principles and investment strategies to maximize the installation’s long-term capabilities, and provides recommendations for comprehensive future development.

The five-step master planning process resulted in an Installation Development Plan comprised of six ADPs and supporting plans that address population growth projections and current and anticipated space deficiencies.

Stakeholder engagement occurred through interviews with 37 units, commands, and tenants, as well as numerous visioning and planning workshops. Cardno facilitated two comprehensive visioning workshops for the client, which resulted in a focused vision statement and mission-oriented planning goals and objectives for each district. Six ADP workshops were also conducted to develop ADP-specific goals and objectives, review ADP requirements, confirm development constraints and opportunities, and prioritize proposed development projects.

The previous Master Plan separated the installation into 15 separate planning districts that did not conform to UFC or MCO requirements for ADPs. Cardno’s update consolidated these districts into 6 comprehensive ADPs.

And finally, as NCPC is charged with planning for the appropriate and orderly development of federal resources in the national capital and the conservation of its important natural and historical features, Cardno coordinated review of the MCB Quantico Master Plan Update (2019) with the NCPC. NCPC reviewed and approved both the draft plan and the final Master Plan Update.