Market District Wildlife Recovery – City of Tallahassee

Stormwater pond wildlife relocation of freshwater turtles away from impacted area

Cardno provided wildlife monitoring and relocation services for the City of Tallahassee during drawdown and construction activities at two stormwater ponds.

The project aimed to demonstrate environmental sensitivity, and minimize the impact to wildlife in the area during a necessary public works project. Our staff monitored construction activities and relocated wildlife in the area daily for two months.

Wildlife relocation techniques included seine nets, dip nets, and live trapping. In order to determine best practices for the unique and challenging on-site conditions, the capture methods were attempted and tested for effectiveness and safety prior to use on the wildlife.

Cardno worked under a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC) Special Use Permit to use live trapping methods on the wildlife. This method allowed Cardno to capture and safely relocate 46 resident freshwater turtles away from the impacted area. The turtles represented three different species, and were all safely relocated to another impoundment during the course of the project.

Additional services included monitoring a mating pair of resident Canada geese and coordinating with the FFWCC in removing an alligator from the site location.

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