Mardie Salt Project – Prefeasibility Study

Visualization of proposed salt mining machinery

The Mardie Salt Project is a salt production facility located between Onslow and Dampier in the Pilbara region of Western Australia; proposed by BCI Minerals Limited to capitalise on the 94km2 mudflat. Previous studies had uncovered a salt-rich area, with an estimated production rate of 3.0 to 3.5 million tonnes of high purity grade salt per annum.

BCI Minerals Limited enlisted the help of Cardno to investigate the feasibility of integrating the proposed salt exportation with existing plans to export iron ore from the Cape Preston East Port (CPE). Cardno undertook a pre-feasibility study to determine the required infrastructure and impacts on the pre-existing port design should the proposed salt production proceed. The study updated the existing Navisworks 3D Model for the CPE multi-commodity port to show the feasibility of integrating the salt unloading, stacking and reclaim facility with existing iron ore stockyard design. Cardno also developed a conceptual 3D Revit model for a salt storage shed at CPE.

Alternative salt export solutions were also explored by Cardno. This option looked at the proposed development of a dedicated salt conveyor and ship loader located at the Mardie salt production area. Cardno developed preliminary 2D drawings for an alternative salt export conveyer and ship loading facility, which would not require integration with pre-existing iron ore exportation plans.

Cardno’s involvement in the Mardie Salt Project went further than the feasibility of commodity exportation and crossed over into salt production. Cardno also prepared a preliminary 12D earthworks model for the Mardie salt evaporation and crystallisation ponds.

Cardno was proud to work with BCI Minerals limited to provide pre-feasibility studies to develop integrated and standalone mineral exportation solutions along with assisting the developing of salt production to help build a business case for a multi-use, multi-commodity port facility within the Pilbara region.