M1 Motorway Upgrade - Geotechnical Investigation

Photo of the M1 Motorway

Cardno was engaged by RMS to undertake detailed geotechnical investigations covering a 3.5 kilometre alignment which will inform the design of the upgraded M1 Princes Motorway between Bulli Tops and Picton Road, on the Illawarra escarpment south of Sydney.

A critical component of winning this work was our ability to develop and deliver innovative solutions to complete the investigations with minimal impact on the environment, as the alignment sits in the environmentally sensitive Sydney drinking water catchment. It is also home to a diverse range of native flora and fauna. 

We utilised mini drill rigs and mini all terrain vehicles; 1.2 metres wide, high-suspension small trucks to carry out testing in the hard to access, rugged bushland with minimal environmental impact. 

We also had custom, hand-held percussion drills manufactured to carry out the geotechnical study in areas only accessible on foot, including material analysis, with as little environmental disturbance as possible. 

And we pioneered a new way of reporting, using short, yet detailed, informative infographic emails to regularly update RMS with results and progress. 

Cardno set a new benchmark with this work for entering and testing on environmentally sensitive, yet rugged, hard-to-access bushland, with a minimal environmental footprint. Client feedback was overwhelmingly positive, RMS delighted that our impact on the environmentally sensitive site was far less than they expected.