Local Fund Agent (LFA) Services for The Global Fund

Flags of member countries fly outside the Secretariat of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in Georgetown, Guyana

As Local Fund Agent (LFA), Cardno ensures accountability of Global Fund grant recipients and provides oversight and verification of financial and programmatic performance.

With no country-level presence, the Global Fund contracts Local Fund Agents (LFAs) to oversee, verify, and report on grant performance. Since 2003, Cardno has been contracted by the Global Fund to serve as LFA throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

The LFA ensures that grant recipients have the financial and organizational capability to effectively manage grant funds for programs to fight three infectious diseases: HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

The Cardno team initially assesses grant recipients’ programmatic, financial, and management capacity to implement their proposed programs. Following the initial assessment, the team supports the Global Fund in the grant-making process, reviewing proposed budgets and performance frameworks. Once the grant has been signed and implementation of the grant program has begun, the LFA team institutes ongoing monitoring and evaluation procedures throughout the duration of the program. The Cardno team subsequently reviews progress every six months against the approved budget to verify that program funds are being used appropriately and effectively, and against established indicators to verify programmatic performance.

Malaria testing during a field visit in Suriname

Cardno LFA teams provide many services, including:

  • Assessing grant recipients’ capacity to implement their grants, reviewing proposed budgets and work plans, and assisting the Global Fund in grant negotiations.
  • Overseeing program performance and the accountable use of funds, including funds request reviews, undertaking site visits to verify results, and reviewing grant recipients’ annual audit reports.
  • Undertaking extensive reviews of grant performance at the midway point, and assessing plans for the second half of the grant program.
  • Conducting ad-hoc assignments as requested by the Global Fund, such as investigations related to the suspected misuse of funds.