Livelihood Restoration Program Consultant Services

Livelihoods project team in Zambia

In collaboration with our local delivery partner in Lusaka, Cardno is opening the eyes of local community members to new skills and ways of earning income to reinvigorate their livelihoods.

Cardno is providing training, mentoring and coaching under the Livelihood Restoration Program in Zambia to help community members, affected by a water sewage and drainage project, to restore their livelihoods.  

Informal community settlements along public easements in Zambia’s capital city of Lusaka infringe on expanding infrastructure and will be temporarily and permanently affected by the Lusaka Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage Project (LWSSDP).  

The MCA Zambia awarded Cardno a contract to help people whose livelihoods are affected by the LWSSDP to identify viable and sustainable ways to earn income. 

Cardno is applying a market-driven approach to increase the sustainability of new small businesses. By partnering with local Zambian firm, Shared Value Africa, we’re delivering business development training, and sharing our understanding of how to develop and implement market-based capacity building programs. Our training programs are supporting affected residents identify new income-earning options, such as renewed gardens, livestock, small business management, house-to-rent and in-kind support. 

With high unemployment in Lusaka – particularly in Mazyopa and Kaunda Square – restoring livelihoods and enhancing residents’ ability to build businesses (and potentially expand them to employ more people) will serve not only the Program’s immediate beneficiaries, but also the wider community.  

By July 2017, the Program, through business development training and mentorship, had assisted 71 per cent of project-affected persons (PAP) to start their businesses, while an additional 22 per cent were in development. PAPs who successfully moved out of the start-up phase were averaging a monthly income four times above the goal income, with some of the most successful PAPs making nine times the goal amount.