Kicking Goals Waverley Park Residential Precinct

The Waverley Park Project is in the heart of the historic VFL Waverley Park Football Stadium, now a sustainable and energy-efficient residential precinct, containing 1,500 residential houses complete with parkland and wetlands.

Located in the South Eastern suburb of Mulgrave, 27 km from Melbourne, CBD, Waverley Park Stadium, hosted its final official AFL game in 1999 and in 2002, work begun to transform the site into one of Australia’s largest housing estates.

With the site heritage listed, portions of the stadium were demolished except for the members’ stand and the members’ stand mural. The surrounding car park has been replaced by 1500 new dwellings and the street layout was designed to mirror the original car park.

Initial work on the project commenced in 2002 and will be completed this year.

CardnoTGM were engaged to provide full civil engineering and survey services.

• Signalised intersections
• All road and drainage designs in the Waverley Park precinct
• Footpaths and Shared Paths/Cycling paths
• Water Sensitive Urban Design including major wetlands
• Water Supply and Sewerage reticulation
• Coordination of civil design with key project personnel including architects, landscape designers, electrical consultants and other key stakeholders including Monash City Council and Yarra Valley Water

• subdivision, construction set out
• existing conditions survey and overall survey support for all Mirvac built homes

CardnoTGM’s role and approach

The broad-field Waverley Park project presented a unique set of challenges that required innovative survey and civil design solutions. For one section of the wetlands comprising five-hectares, the team developed a state-of-the-art water sensitive urban design system. This enabled stormwater to be captured and retained from the site instead of running directly into the downstream waterways. Utilising sophisticated filtration, treatment and sedimentation techniques, the stormwater was clean, clear and rubbish free when released into the natural waterways. 

By using the latest data collection and processing technologies, the team were able to develop detailed survey work and hydraulic analysis to achieve this innovative outcome.

The Waverley Park development was a multidisciplinary project bringing together the expertise of the team’s extensive project experience in hydraulic analysis, stormwater management, water reticulation, sewerage reticulation, pipeline design, option evaluation and analysis, storage design and contingency planning for major storm events.

Working on this development for close to 20 years, CardnoTGM are proud to be involved in this iconic sporting facility and assisting in the transformation that pays homage to the past and repurposed for future generations.

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