Kaweah Hydroelectric Project Relicensing

Hydroelectric Diversion Area

Cardno is supporting Southern California Edison Company (SCE) with its Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) relicensing of the 8.85 megawatt Kaweah Hydroelectric Project.

The Kaweah Project consists of three developments: Kaweah No. 1, Kaweah No. 2, and Kaweah No. 3, which commenced operation in June 1899, February 1905, and May 1913, respectively.

SCE’s existing FERC license for the project expires December 2021. In order to continue operation and maintenance, SCE must file an Application for New License with FERC. Cardno began assisting SCE with pre-filing activities, including stakeholder outreach and development of the Pre-Application Document (PAD).

Following the PAD submission, Cardno revised the draft study plans and added two additional plans based on SCE and stakeholder input. Following FERC approval, Cardno began implementation of the study plans to document and analyze aquatic, cultural, land, recreation and terrestrial resources in the project area. This included extensive research, field data collection, modeling and analysis. Results are currently being summarized in a series of Technical Study Reports (TSRs). As TSRs are finalized, they are provided to stakeholders for review and comment and meetings are scheduled to review study results.

Cardno is in the process of preparing an Application for New License for the Project. The License Application will include the necessary technical information and analyses to identify and evaluate potential impacts of operation and maintenance. In addition, the License Application will specify new programs and measures to protect and enhance environmental and cultural resources.

Throughout the process Cardno has, supported SCE during consultation efforts with state and federal resources agencies, Native American tribes, non-governmental organizations, and members of the public. Cardno anticipates continuing to support SCE during the post-filing activities with FERC, resources agencies and other stakeholders.