Justice Services and Stability for Development (JSS4D) Program

Gift basket is exchanged as thanks following Kokoda workshop in PNG

Cardno is addressing complex Program challenges at a national and provincial level to help bring greater justice, safety and gender inclusion to the people of PNG.

Cardno is helping to strengthen law and justice in Papua New Guinea through its implementation of the JSS4D Program, which supports the Government’s vision of a ‘safe, secure and stable environment for all citizens, visitors, communities and businesses to conduct their affairs freely’.  

Our people have shared their understanding of the extremely complex and evolving operating environment, key stakeholders, major challenges and opportunities to help guide the Program, with a focus on local community outcomes. We’ve proactively identified critical constraints and mitigated risks using prudent management strategies, including our fully consultative process at project start-up to develop the JSS4D risk register.  

We’ve also undertaken innovative monitoring and applied lessons learned from previous programs to adapt successful strategies for the changing environment. These programs include the Law and Justice Sector Program, and the Papua New Guinea – Australian Law and Justice Partnership, both of which were managed by Cardno. 

In collaboration with national law and justice agencies, and other government, non-government and community stakeholders, our team is supporting social and economic development and will help deliver the following Program outcomes:  

  • community safety - increasing communities’ awareness of, and access to strengthened law and justice services, ensuring local level dispute resolution and conflict mediation mechanisms in target areas that are more effective, locally legitimate and available 
  • addressing family and sexual violence - giving women and others vulnerable to family and sexual violence improved referral pathways and access to justice, legal protection and support services 
  • effective law and justice services - bolstering and expanding the law and justice sector to deliver more accessible, coordinated and accountable services  
  • anti-corruption - supporting target agencies and provinces in increasing their resistance to, and detection, investigation and prosecution of corruption.