Junction Street Upgrade

Aerial view of road upgrade area

Cardno was selected from a panel of consultants to conduct the detailed design for the Junction Street Upgrade.

As part of the project, the team completed the survey and design portion of the existing unsealed road to work out the best way to have the road sealed. This included functional design services, detailed road and drainage design services and providing cost estimates to Council.

A small town northeast of Melbourne, Yarra Junction is home to just over 2,500 people. The town has many unsealed roads which locals use in their everyday commutes.

Junction Street, one of the unsealed roads in the town, was identified as part of Yarra Ranges Council’s special charge scheme. The scheme explored opportunities to seal the road and upgrade drainage assets.

The road is in the vicinity of the Upper Yarra Secondary College, meaning cars are accessing the road and the school carpark daily. The carpark is located at the entrance to Junction Street, which meant that the Cardno team had to ensure their design and works did not interrupt the flow of the carpark traffic. There were also a number of properties that are accessed along Junction Street, which presented the team challenges along the way.  While the carpark and property access were challenging to accommodate, the Cardno team managed to minimise earthworks throughout the project and reduce the overall cost of the project for the Council.

In order to provide the Council greater value for money, the project team explored a variety of methods to retain existing road infrastructure as practicably possible.

The detailed traffic design of the project was successfully completed and is now in operation. The paved road is now safer for the local community and residents.