Investigation of PFAS impacts at fire training academies in Florida

Cardno is conducting investigations associated with the use of aqueous fire-fighting foams (AFFFs) within multiple fire training facilities in Florida.

During these investigations, our team has collected samples of soil, groundwater, sediment, and surface water and is continuing to evaluate remediation requirements and alternatives, including the evaluation of potential ecological risk evaluations in the Florida Keys.

Due to the low target level concentrations associated with various PFAS constituents, investigations at PFAS sites have included establishment of enhanced protocols to prevent cross-contamination during drilling and sampling activities. 

This includes enhanced decontamination procedures and material checklists for equipment and personnel, as well as the negotiation of appropriate laboratory methodologies (modified methods using isotope dilution) for soil and water.

Enhanced quality assurance (QA) measures are also used at these sites. This includes the use of documented PFAS-free water and approved surfactants for decontamination of sampling equipment as well as enhanced collection of quality control blanks in the field, such as field blanks, equipment blanks, and method blanks.

Cardno scientists have extensive professional experience in all aspects of conducting ecotoxicological and human health risk assessments of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), as well as expertise in environmental health and the management and remediation of contaminated sites.

Learn more on the Cardno ChemRisk website about our scientists’ experience understanding the science and exposures associates with PFASs.