Belize Institutional Strengthening Study

Seafront road with 'welcome to Belize' sign

Cardno is carrying out an institutional strengthening study of the Belizean Road Sector and developing a comprehensive plan outlining how Belize, Central America, can improve on management and maintenance of its public roads.

The study is being carried out in house by our technical experts who form part of our Cardno IT Transport team. The subsequent plan will include rethinks of organisational structure, legal frameworks and financing mechanisms currently in effect. The project is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and is managed by the Ministry of Works (MoW) in Belize. 

The abnormally high incidence of road fatalities in Belize has led to increased demand for safer roads. In response to this demand by road users, the Government of Belize, through MoW, has prepared a maintenance strategy and programme to improve the serviceability of the road network at a minimum cost to the economy through the following steps:

  • Preventive maintenance of roads in good condition in order to delay further deterioration;
  • Rehabilitation, reconstruction or improvement of main roads with heavy traffic and secondary roads where appropriate;
  • Expansion of spatial distribution of roads to develop new areas of Belize for residential and economic activity; and
  • Strengthening the management of the road sector.

Cardno’s project team is developing a methodology to determine the most cost-effective and efficient structure for management and maintenance, and is assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the existing systems. 

The current methods of construction and maintenance will be analysed from institutional, legal, and financial perspectives. This requires the identification of the public and private entities involved in road construction and maintenance, an analysis of their methods, efficiency, manning levels and methods of financing including charges. 

The MoW have also asked Cardno to explore alternative future arrangements including the possible establishment of a Road Maintenance Fund.