INDOT – SR 641 On-Call Mitigation Monitoring

Newly planted trees along roadside mitigation project

Cardno is conducting mitigation site monitoring and maintenance services for a major highway bypass construction project in western Indiana.

Cardno is assisting the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)’s Central Office with wetland, stream, and forested floodway mitigation monitoring and maintenance on 12 sites totaling over 150 acres.

The mitigation is to offset impacts from the construction activities from the 6.2-mile SR 641 Terre Haute Bypass construction project in western Indiana.

During the first year of the 10-year on-call contract, Cardno installed over 35,000 bare root and 5,000 containerized trees across seven sites to bring the site(s) into compliance. In addition, Cardno field crews complete annual monitoring and maintenance activities, including:

  • floristic site inventories
  • adaptive maintenance strategies
  • stream stabilization
  • multi-agency coordination and support
  • and invasive species control, seeding, and erosion repair.

Cardno is coordinating with state and federal agencies to ensure site development meets permit goals and, as necessary, provides prompt, realistic, cost effective and achievable site solutions.