Indonesia Australia Partnership for Infrastructure (KIAT) - Design and Implementation

Bridge built for Eastern Indonesia National Road Improvement Project

Cardno’s quality project implementation will help create the right environment for sustainable economic growth, and greater gender and social inclusion across Indonesia.

Following DFAT’s approval for Cardno’s design of their flagship infrastructure facility in Indonesia, our team is now implementing the first four plus years of a potential 10-year contract.  

Known as KIAT, the facility is targeting priority infrastructure reform areas and will partner with a range of stakeholders across Government of Indonesia (GoI), multilateral development banks, the private sector, and civil society to help achieve the following End-of-Facility Outcomes: 

  1. Improved GoI policy and regulatory framework for infrastructure development 
  2. High quality projects prepared and financed by GoI, the private sector and/or MDBs
  3. High quality infrastructure delivery, management and maintenance by GoI

The facility also aims to build capacity in efficient infrastructure policy, planning, and delivery, with an initial focus on water and sanitation, and transport but may expand to other infrastructure sector priorities as mutually agreed between GoI and DFAT over time. 

KIAT aims to support rapid, sustainable and inclusive economic growth and improved access to basic infrastructure services, while also promoting women and economic participation and empowerment. The AU$300 million program is based on a six-month contract for the Design phase and includes two contract extension options covering the Implementation phase, through to 2026.  

Cardno is providing targeted technical assistance as well as management, coordination, implementation and support resources. We’re embedding monitoring, evaluation and learning into the program’s operations, as well as innovation. KIAT’s approach includes increased accountability for government service delivery, both in relation to capital works and in meeting the needs for ongoing infrastructure maintenance. 

We’re also ensuring gender and social inclusion are mainstreamed throughout the Program’s activities and, where possible, gender and social inclusion activities are designed and implemented. 

Our team is focused on maximising value for money and delivering long-term outcomes, including:  

  • high quality project planning, delivery, management and maintenance by the GoI 
  • an improved policy and regulatory framework conducive to infrastructure development 
  • increasing private sector participation in infrastructure funding, through public private partnership initiatives 
  • improved quality of infrastructure services  
  • high quality project preparation