Indiana In-Lieu Fee Program Consulting Services

Cardno is assisting the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in developing a series of conceptual mitigation plans.

Cardno was selected as the primary consultant to assist the Indiana DNR in support of their in-lieu fee program across service areas encompassing nearly a quarter of the land area of the state.

Cardno develops conceptual and final mitigation plan documents for review team approval and oversees coordination with program staff, property owners, government officials, and agency personnel in order to yield high-quality restoration projects while meeting the needs of all project stakeholders.

Tasks include site screening and site identification, and performing detailed site assessments, including:

  • regulated waters delineations,
  • floristic quality assessments,
  • Rapid Bio assessment Protocol (RBP) analysis, and
  • Rosgen stream classifications.

In addition, Cardno develops conceptual mitigation plan documents.