Improvement of the Roads Maintenance System for Use by the Dar es Salaam Local Authorities

Typical urban road in Dar Es Salaam with sole cyclist

Cardno have been contracted to provide consultancy services for the Improvement of the Roads Maintenance System (DROMAS) for use by the Dar es Salaam Local Authorities (DLAs) under the larger undertaking, the Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project (DMDP).

The DMDP is a World Bank funded programme managed by the President's Office - Regional Administration and Local Government offices (PO-RALG) in Tanzania. It aims to improve urban services and institutional capacity in the Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Area and to facilitate potential emergency response. The $300 million loan facility has four components:

  1. Improvements and constructions of priority roads and primary and secondary drainage systems
  2. Improvements in low-income communities in selected Municipal Councils through the improvement of basic services 
  3. Institutional Strengthening, Capacity Building, and Urban Analytics, supporting: (a) development of metropolitan governance arrangements and systems; (b) improvement of municipal finances and technical capacity; (c) integration of  transport and land-use planning activities; (d) operations and maintenance systems; (e) increasing knowledge of the urban environment; and (f) improving urban planning systems, basic services and strengthening capacity
  4. Implementation Support and Monitoring & Evaluation, providing support for Project management and supervision

As part of Component 3 (d), PO-RALG sought consultancy services to Improve the Roads Maintenance System (DROMAS) for sole use by the Dar es Salaam Local Authorities (DLAs). DROMAS is an online database of the Tanzanian road network designed and built with Cardno help. 

Learn more about DROMAS

By improving the DROMAS within Dar es Salaam, the DLAs will have a more efficient means for managing and prioritising road maintenance activities. This will provide decision-makers with the information that is necessary to justify funding commitments, to develop road operations/business plans, and to design and program activities. 

The achievement of this project will contribute to and support the overall objectives of the DMDP, maximise the benefits provided by the significant investments made in the city’s road transport network over the past few years and lessen the burden of the growing population in Dar es Salaam on road maintenance activities.

This project has a duration of 12 months and will be carried out with the full involvement and inclusion of all stakeholders, in order to allow for proper knowledge transfer and sustainability of the project outcomes.

The services under this project can be divided into five components:

  1. Institutionalisation of new planning processes and RMS System
  2. Improvement of data collection procedures and updating of base data
  3. Establishment and configuration of computerised road maintenance system for prioritisation of works
  4. Implementation of Key Process/Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  5. Production of Multi-Year Capacity Building and Quality Management Plan

Learn more about the overarching DMDP on the World Bank website here.