I-69 Wetland and Stream Restoration and Mitigation

Cardno performed services for the Indiana Department of Transportation as part of a multi-year project to construct an expanded corridor along I-69.

Over the course of a decade, Cardno conducted multi-year restoration and site stabilization work at 18 sites, totalling 1,300 acres, along the corridor as a subcontractor. Cardno provided, installed, then conducted annual maintenance and monitoring of:

  • native seed
  • more than 450,000 bare root tree and shrub seedlings
  • more than 77,000 3-gallon container tree seedlings
  • more than 66,000 live willow and cottonwood stakes
  • more than 50,000 square yards of erosion control blanket

Cardno also served as INDOT’s prime contractor for mitigation construction at three mitigation sites. Services included:

  • excavation of five vernal pools for wildlife habitat
  • installation of more than 1,700 feet of berms for floodwater retention
  • installation of native seed across 165 acres of former agricultural land
  • installation of more than 95,000 trees throughout three sites
  • management of invasive species across more than 125 acres