I-64 High Rise Bridge Construction Project

Hollow stem auger rig on the Elizabeth River

Cardno performed a sampling and analysis report for the proposed I-64 high rise bridge construction project in Chesapeake, Virginia.

This Virginia Department of Transportation design-build project requested the investigation as part of preliminary engineering activities prior to the construction of the bridge over the Elizabeth River. The new I-64 bridge will be taller and built south of the current bridge to alleviate increased traffic congestion in the area.

The project will involve the dredging/excavation of river sediments in order to construct the new bridge. However, alternatives had to be considered since no channel dredging was proposed as part of the project.

The three options considered during the sediment sampling included:

  • ocean disposal of dredged sediments
  • disposal of dredged sediments at a landfill and
  • disposal of dredged sediments on city-owned land.

As part of the investigation, Cardno established five boreholes along the proposed bridge footprint using hollow stem augers with the aid of barges to investigate potential subsurface impacts. The investigation consisted of screenings for a variety of metals, pesticides, compounds, and pollutants.