Homestead Senior College, Point Cook

Cardno, now Stantec, played an integral role in the establishment of the new Homestead Senior Secondary College in Point Cook by providing multidisciplinary land development services.

The Victorian School Building Authority acquired a large site in Point Cook to accommodate the new Homestead Senior Secondary College.

In parallel with the construction of the school, the site was subdivided to create the school lot, the surrounding access roads and supporting drainage along with utility services infrastructure. This also included a new signalised intersection on Saltwater Promenade.

Cardno’s multidisciplinary team provided civil, traffic and geotechnical engineering, land surveying and land contamination services.

These services commenced with initial due diligence assessments to assist with the purchase of the site, and continued with engineering planning, detailed design and construction supervision for the subdivision works.

The development process required the consideration of numerous stakeholders including the Victorian School Building Authority, the landowner, project managers, building contractors and their consulting teams. Our collaborative approach ensured any that the civil infrastructure required to support the school was completed in a timely manner to achieve the school opening date in 2020.

Rapid growth is predicted for both the suburb and school over the next five to ten years. Homestead Senior Secondary College provides Year 10 to 12 students the opportunity to learn and work in an adult environment with state of the art facilities.

The technical team were able to deliver this multidisciplinary project on time, which was achieved by our methodical, professional, collaborative approach.

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