Highlands Estate, Victoria's largest residential subdivision - geotechnical investigation

Highlands Estate in Craigieburn is one of the largest residential developments in the Melbourne Metropolitan area. The estate includes over 10,000 residential allotments, which were constructed over a period spanning 10 years.

Cardno has been involved since the onset of the development, primarily with geotechnical investigations for pavements, but also with geotechnical, hydrogeological and environmental investigations for other infrastructure.  

The investigations involved drilling boreholes at 100m intervals along the alignments of the pavements.  Samples were tested in our NATA accredited soils laboratory. 

Design CBR values were determined for each local section of pavement based on the field and laboratory testing.  The design CBR value was then used in combination with traffic information to produce either thin or deep asphalt pavement designs in accordance with Council and VicRoads guidelines.

Services Provided

  • Geotechnical site investigation including drilling with our drilling rig and in-situ testing
  • Geotechnical testing in our NATA accredited soils laboratory
  • Determination of the design CBR for the pavement subgrade
  • Both deep and thin asphalt pavement profile designs
  • Investigation for associated infrastructure such as bridges, sewers, wetlands, etc

Through a detailed investigation of the proposed pavement subgrade we were able to optimise the pavement designs for the site conditions and proposed traffic. 

As a result, the client was able to adopt the most economical pavement profile while also complying with stringent Council and VicRoads requirements.

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