Gully Branch Upland Restoration Project

Florida Restoration Project

Cardno’s team of restoration ecologists and environmental technicians will be assisting the restoration activities for three sites totaling nearly 450 acres in Hillsborough County, Florida, over a five-year period.

Services will include the eradication of non-native and nuisance species, feral hog control, general site prep, seeding/planting, monitoring, maintenance, along with existing native plant management.

All project implementation will work around any endangered or threatened species. During the site preparation phase, a hog fence will be installed, non-native and nuisance eradication will take place, followed by minor grading where applicable and discing in preparation of seeding/planting activities.

Cardno will utilize the best land management practices for all sites during the course of the project. All herbicide treatments and seeding/planting activities will be timed during the seasons in which they will be most successful based on conditions.

Once site preparation, initial herbicide treatments, and seeding/planting activities are complete, Cardno staff will begin monitoring and performing follow-up herbicide treatments. Events will be conducted with regular visits to each of the sites to further inhibit non-native and nuisance species from re-establishing, while promoting the growth of native species. Maintenance activities include spot spraying and mowing to continue the reduction and control of targeted invasive species.

Upon installation of seed and native plant materials, Cardno will begin the establishment and maintenance period. Cardno’s project manager will file monthly reports, documenting target species present on site and the need for additional treatments. Cardno will coordinate with the client to determine the need for prescribed burning or other land management related activities that may be needed for the success and long-term viability of this project.