Groundwater Source Evaluation, Permitting, Modeling, and Aquifer Testing

Aquifer and pumping test

Cardno’s aquifer and water quality testing expertise will assist the community in the development of an efficient and cost-effective regional public water system designed to meet the area’s projected water demands.

Much of this area’s water needs are served by individual shallow wells with limited supply and poor water quality due to salinity. Portions of the area are within the Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater and experience high salinity water that would require expensive desalination. 

Cardno’s assistance included the evaluation of alternate water sources and the identification of two existing wells outside the impact crater with excellent water quality and yield. Cardno staff modeled potential impacts to both the area’s aquifer and existing groundwater users from the proposed operation of these two source wells. This effort included the preparation of a groundwater withdrawal permit application and a 48-hour aquifer test, a 48-hour simultaneous pumping test, and water quality sampling and analysis of the two source wells.  

As a result of these efforts, the local water authority received approximately $18 million in grants and low-interest loans to design, permit, and construct a regional public water system using the two source wells and nearly 20 miles of water mains.