Greater Springfield

Aerial visualisation of the Greater springfied development area

Creating a new city from the ground up is a daunting task. Since 2000, the Cardno team has partnered with Springfield City Group, providing the expertise and guidance to deliver infrastructure and planning for Australia’s first master-planned municipality since Canberra almost a century earlier.

The vision for the new city of Greater Springfield has been designed around the essential services of employment, education, health and technology. Cardno has played a fundamental role in creating a best in class community and ensuring that essential services and infrastructure are provided to underpin the development.

Cardno has delivered a wide range of consultancy services across a number of market sectors including engineering, urban development, traffic and transport, buildings, infrastructure, project and asset management, geotechnical and materials testing as well as water and wastewater services. Greater Springfield has become the fastest growing corridor within South East Queensland and is currently home to over 32,000 residents, with the population set to grow to 140,000 by 2030.

Cardno’s multi-disciplinary expertise has ensured that the city will continue to grow from it’s strong foundations of infrastructure and planning designed to allow Greater Springfield to realise it’s ultimate potential.