Granite Crossing

Rendering of planned redevelopment for Granite Crossing brownfield site

Cardno’s work to help remediate a downtown Brownfields site in Lithonia paved the way for the Granite Crossing development – a new mixed-income housing complex that would help transform and revitalize the area.

Granite Crossing, a new mixed-income housing complex in Lithonia, Georgia, was proposed for construction on what had long been considered an environmentally challenged and cost-prohibitive site.  

City of Lithonia officials persevered and created a plan to remediate the site for development, and it became a key part of the City's sustainable revitalization plan for transforming the downtown neighborhood. 

Cardno was engaged by the City to provide integrated Brownfield services for the redevelopment of the site.  

Our team’s initial involvement in the project included assisting with an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Revolving Loan Fund sub-grant application, and conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, remediation using injection points, and final permitting. 

We encountered a number of environmental issues during this time, including asbestos abatement, petroleum contamination from a historic gasoline station, chlorinated solvent contamination from a former dry cleaning facility, and topographical challenges.  

With expertise in a range of key planning and civil engineering services, the Cardno team undertook survey, stormwater management, utilities locations and landscape and irrigation design to contribute to the successful remediation of, and future planning for, the site.  

By redeveloping the site into a mixed-income housing complex the developer was able to qualify for the State of Georgia’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. Cardno also assisted in preparing the application for state tax credit.