Gordon River Connector Bridge and Boardwalk

Rendering of Gordon River Bridge structure

Cardno's pedestrian bridge and boardway design is an important element of the Gordon River Greenway system - connecting Baker Park and the Gordon River Greenway.

With the City of Naples' purchase of 6.7 acres of property, it created an opportunity for a new 19.2-acre park. The project will become a destination and provide a connectivity link for the area’s beaches, parks, rowing community, environmentalists, and trail users. This overpass will provide a continuation of the Greenway Trail to Freedom Park and beyond to the north. 

Cardno is designing the 100-foot center span over the river and side spans on each side of 65 feet. The west boardwalk is approximately 320 feet long and the east boardwalk will be approximately 292 feet long. Both boardwalks as designed in the PDR are composed of multiple 10‐foot individually pile supported spans (for H10 loading).

The 30 per cent work also calls for the inside clear width of the west boardwalk between handrails to match the bridge inside clear dimension of 12 feet. On the east boardwalk the outside‐to‐outside dimension of the boardwalk is restricted to 12 feet in order to minimize impacts to the wetlands and the mangroves.

The design of the west boardwalk will be modified to reflect the lighter vehicle load requested by the City. The decorative railing and decking for the boardwalks will be ipe wood.

The east boardwalk is expected to be constructed utilizing the top‐down construction technique to minimize construction impacts to the conservation area.