Glenwood Cemetery Civil & Spanish American War Sections - Ground Penetrating Radar Investigation

Ground Penetrating radar unit at Glenwood Cemetery

Cardno performed advanced geophysical investigations to identify potential burial sites at the Glenwood Cemetery in Massachusetts.

Cardno performed a subsurface geophysical investigation at the Glenwood Cemetery in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, to provide the client with planning information. Cardno’s team of experts used dual-frequency ground penetrating radar (GPR) to image two sections of the cemetery from historic time periods - the Civil War and the Spanish-American War eras.

Ground penetrating radar is a wave-based electromagnetic geophysical method that detects interfaces between subsurface materials possessing varying electrical characteristics. Using electromagnetic pulses in the radio spectrum (radio waves), GPR can safely show designers, engineers, and general contractors what lies below the surface without excavation. This technology can be used to image gravesites, soil backfilled areas, buried pipelines, utilities, tanks, and other buried debris.

Cardno's scope of work also included:

  • collection of GPR background data at known burial locations
  • final data analysis and interpretation
  • final report summarizing the results of the GPR investigations.

The GPR investigation was effective in identifying potential burial site locations. The client will use the data to make planning decisions.