GIS Utility Data Collection and Standardization

GIS Utility Data Collection dashboard

To help the U.S. Air Force (USAF) compile data for a more accurate inventory of utility assets and overall utility health at 100 installations across the world, the Cardno team is updating all utility maps and real property records.

As a team partner, Cardno was contracted to compile and analyze existing utilities mapping data using GIS technology, update key system attributes, and reconcile Real Property inventory quantities for active and reserve USAF installations worldwide. The Cardno team is currently providing data analysis & field technical assistance for the USAF to comply with US DoD mandates for Utilities Linear Segmentation (ULS) and achieve total asset visibility to support utility resourcing decisions.

The ULS initiative will update all USAF GIS utilities data to Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment (SDSFIE) 3.1 standards. The data analysis, collection, and completion of missing utilities GIS data will come from all available sources (existing geospatial data, assessment reports, engineering documents, real property records) and knowledgeable installation system technicians, to establish an updated utilities GIS baseline. The Cardno team will complete the “missing utilities GIS data” by collecting and inputting an average of over 17,000 data fields of utilities information per installation. This information will be used in a future Department of Defense Utilities Sustainment Management System (SMS).

For each installation, Cardno will deliver a standardized geodatabase in SDSFIE 3.1 format that is populated with required system attributes; utilities Real Property Inventory analysis & GIS Utilities LS reconciliation; and updated DD Form 1354 necessary to adjust base Real Property inventories.