Fort Pickett Cultural Resources

Creek through Fort Pickett

Cardno has completed seven large Phase I archaeological surveys at the Maneuver Training Center (MTC) at Fort Pickett in Blackstone, Virginia, USA.

These surveys involved nearly 2,500 acres and identified 54 archaeological sites, ranging from the Archaic Period to the 20th century. Much of the surveyed area will be used for forestry and training sessions.

Cardno subsequently completed Phase II investigations of two potential National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) eligible sites that could not be avoided by the proposed development. Phase II evaluations were also conducted for three potentially eligible archaeological sites that had been discovered during a previous survey. The Phase II excavations determined that these five sites were not eligible for the NRHP.

The Phase II architectural surveys documented 10 architectural resources in the area of potential effects (APE); most architectural resources in the APE had been previously evaluated. Through field surveys and research, all 10 resources were evaluated and determined ineligible for the NRHP. Intensive level survey forms were prepared on seven of the 10 resources that were 45 years old or older.

All artifacts have been curated with the MTC Fort Pickett Cultural Resources Department in coordination with the Virginia State Historic Preservation Office. Fieldwork was completed with assistance from Cardno’s Raleigh, Atlanta, Riverview, Indianapolis, Seattle, and Virginia offices.