Former Oil Refinery Remediation

Drilling in field Assessment and Remediation

A former oil refinery site was added to Montana’s Comprehensive Environmental Cleanup and Responsibility Act (CERCA) High Priority List due to its close proximity to water wells and contamination from petroleum hydrocarbons, lead and other metals.

The project had stalled for five years prior to Cardno’s involvement. However, Cardno quickly established a functional relationship between the client and the regulatory agency. Cardno’s team executed Phase II and III Remedial Investigations and completed Interim Remedial Actions.

Drill Assessment and Remediation

Cardno oversaw the excavation and removal of more than 7,000 tons of waste, including over 930 tons of hazardous waste. To save the client time and money, Cardno directed excavation in real time with the use of a portable XRF machine to screen for lead in the field.

Cardno assisted in building a relationship between the client and the regulatory agency, allowing the project to move forward and the parties to secure all necessary actions.