Flamingo Water Resource Center - Subsurface Utility Engineering

Cardno field crew performing a Quality Level A subsurface utility investigation

With in-house GIS experts and industry leading subsurface engineering fleet, Clark County Water Reclamation District turned to Cardno to mobilize an expert team of subsurface engineering experts.

When the Clark County Water Reclamation District realized its subsurface utility mapping for the Flamingo Water Resource Center – the largest wastewater treatment plant in Nevada located in the Las Vegas Valley – was incomplete, inaccurate and out of date, they turned to Cardno. 

Inaccurate utility mapping for the facility had the potential to cause serious, expensive and time-consuming issues during routine maintenance or when major construction work was carried out at the plant.  

Aerial image of a Cardno field crew performing a Quality Level A subsurface utility investigation.

We mobilized a large, strong team of subsurface engineering experts from our offices in Illinois, Florida, Louisiana, New York, California, Arizona, and Texas to provide fast, accurate and comprehensive subsurface utility engineering services (Quality Levels D-A) and supporting survey for the plant. This work was complemented by our in-house GIS and CAD office staff. 

Our field crews, consisting of six-to-eight full-time Cardno staff, or up to eight, two-person crews when necessary, produced 120 test holes (Quality Level A) per week, utilizing our fleet of vacuum excavation trucks. Where possible, we used ground penetrating radar and detectable fiberglass push rods with metallic wire to penetrate and locate pipes which could not be pressurized, such as sewer and stormwater drains. 

The Cardno team also installed subsurface marker ball transmitters at each confirmed utility to significantly aid future subsurface utility detection.