Fast tracked bike lanes for inner city Melbourne

Working through the COVID lockdown were challenging times to design, develop and deliver the City of Melbourne’s accelerated bike lane rollout program. The Cardno Citywide Team did not disappoint and successfully delivered 15 km of inner-city adaptable bike lanes.

As Australia returns to normality following a disruptive 2020, a positive outcome from COVID-19 saw riding and walking increase in popularity. 

With a dramatic boost in the local government budget to accelerate recovery from the economic impact of the epidemic, inner city Melbourne has been transformed with the rolling out of numerous bike lanes to provide more space for people riding bikes.  Following suit with many cities around the world, the integration of cycling as a key mode of transport is essential to reducing congestion and accommodating growth. 

Through the Citywide Infrastructure D & C Contract, the Cardno team were charged with the design of both new bike lanes and the upgrade of existing ones. The need for extra space and improved cyclist safety resulted in the rationalisation in design whereby associated parking changes of parked car lanes were offset to facilitate a separated bike lane next to the footpath.

Adaptable, lightweight infrastructure was used, with the ability to be altered and upgraded at a later stage. For separated, kerbside bike lanes, the Cardno team developed a combination of versatile separator traffic islands and painted chevrons, which can be changed and repositioned cheaply and quickly depending on conditions.

An Orca polymer concrete kerb material was used as they were quick to install and could be progressively replaced with permanent bike lanes over time as required. The use of the material was also seen as an environmentally friendly product made from recycled glass within Australia.

Cardno has a proven track record for delivering bike lanes throughout Victoria, designing the very first separated bike lane in 2012 on La Trobe Street in Melbourne’s CBD.  

The new bike lanes on key inner-city routes have created streets that people can feel confident riding along, improving the urban environment and delivering significant health and road safety benefits to the community as a whole.

For more information about bike lanes, contact Mendo Brajanovski.