Facility Reduction Program

Example of facility reduction.

As part of a team, Cardno supported U.S. Army Installation Management (IMCOM) with analysis of the Facility Reduction Program (FRP). The project involved identification of actions and means to reduce demolition costs and demolition project execution time frames while still maintaining mission support capability and environmental compliance.

The 3-phased study identified opportunities to increase efficiencies in the FRP by improving communication, reducing uncertainties, and decreasing program and unit costs, as well as the time it takes to demolish excess facilities.

As part of the team, Cardno analyzed management systems, program requirements and objectives, success factors, roles, responsibilities and authorities and applicable policy, processes, and procedures, and alignment with key elements of the FRP.

Government agencies and private sector companies were benchmarked to identify best practices and lessons learned. The analysis determined where program roles, responsibilities and functions could be modified, shifted or consolidated to lower cost.

Project work included analysis of FRP resilience and risks using economic, resilience and risk indicators. The team’s analysis resulted in recommendations for improvements in program and policy, planning, communication, implementation and execution processes and risk-based decision-support.