ExxonMobil Campus

Walking path leading up to main entrance to ExxonMobil Corporate campus

Cardno was the sole structural engineer for ExxonMobil’s state-of-the-art campus, which incorporates best practices in workplace design, energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

ExxonMobil constructed a state-of-the-art campus in Houston that is home to its Upstream, Downstream, and Chemicals companies and associated employees.

Designed to accommodate 10,000 employees, the campus design incorporates extensive research into best practices in workplace design and benchmarking from the world’s top facilities. It is constructed to the highest standards of energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.  

Cardno served as the sole structural engineer for the campus design, which includes:  

  • Innovative office buildings that are designed to support specific employee technology, work, and health needs
  • World-class training and meeting facilities located in the Energy Center, a landmark that will serve as the gateway to the campus for visitors
  • A leading laboratory to study hydrocarbon system rock and fluid properties, drilling processes, construction materials, and oil and gas treating methods 
  • An on-site wellness center offering complete fitness, medicine, and occupational health facilities
  • A wide array of on-site dining options, including healthy, international, casual, and elegant dining venues 
  • Retail services to support and revitalize employees 
  • A child development center for children age six weeks through pre-kindergarten 
  • Specially designed spaces placed throughout the campus for meeting, gathering, and recreation. 

Construction began in 2011. Full occupancy was achieved in 2015.