Excavation Steel Platform Design, 148-160 King Street

Our NSW structural teams celebrated a proud team moment as they watched the build of an excavation platform that they designed for a construction project in the CBD come to life.

This platform was located on the eastern side of the site to give access to Philip Street. The excavator was placed on the southern side of the platform and there was a turntable in the middle of the platform to allow trucks to return back to the Philip street without reversing.

The task provided the team with plenty of design challenges as the platform would be built on a busy CBD construction location that needed to be excavated to a depth of 20m. The platform would be used to hold 35-ton heavy truck and 40-ton Chameleon excavator and to provide access to the site floor from the street so the design needed to be incredibly strong, but flexible enough to grow and keep pace with the ground as it deepened.

The team were pleased to see that their design had delivered a structure that performed its job right throughout the excavation.