Environmental Condition of Property

Cardno prepares Environmental Condition of Property (Phase I & II) for clients that would like to buy or sell property.

Cardno has helped multiple Department of Defense (DoD) agencies in the U.S. to expertly assess and report on environmental conditions at a range of properties, to both accurately determine risks and to also meet mandated standards and compliance requirements.

Working on behalf of a number of U.S. DoD agencies, Cardno has established multi-faceted planning teams for various real estate support task orders and prepared National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation for real property exchanges.

Cardno has a deep understanding of the requirements of the DoD and other Federal agencies, as well as the ASTM International Standards (E1527, E1903 and D6008), and our team comprises many professionals certified to perform Phase I and Phase II assessments.

We also have extensive experience using various data tools as part of the data gathering surveys and sampling needed to complete reports. We use the findings from these reports to identify potential sources or other issues that may indicate previous environmental contamination at, and surrounding, the areas of concern.

To support real estate decisions and provide protection from future liability, our ECP reports comprehensively document inquiry into environmental conditions. Our team undertakes these reports to determine risk of exposure to grantees/government employees, and to inform grantees of environmental conditions, restrictions, and land use controls associated with Class I (i.e. land) and II (i.e. buildings or structures on land) real property.

Some of the installations where Cardno has undertaken ECP/ECOP/EBS work include:

  • Hill Air Force Base (AFB)
  • Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Lejeune
  • MCB 29 Palms
  • Kirtland AFB
  • Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar
  • 133rd Test Squadron Mission Conversion, Fort Dodge
  • San Diego Gas and Electric Company (SDG&E), MCAS Miramar
  • Base-Wide Fuel Optimization Program, MCB Camp Pendleton
  • U.S. Navy Broadway Complex, San Diego
  • Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery Annex, MCAS Miramar
  • Sprint, Cingular Wireless, Nextel, and T-Mobile, MCB Camp Pendleton
  • Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range, MCAS, Yuma
  • Hanscom AFB
  • Hurlburt and Buckley AFBs.