Enhancing Rural Livelihoods and Incomes Project (ERLIP)

Burmese fisherman on a lake in Myanmar

Cardno is sharing best practice principles in infrastructure, livelihoods and community-driven development to improve the capacity and livelihoods of local villages in Myanmar.

Cardno is providing development support to the Department of Rural Development (DRD) to help increase income and reduce poverty in three target townships across three states/regions of Myanmar. Funded by the Asian Development Bank, ERLIP is a pilot project using a community-driven development (CDD) approach to organize and mobilize communities to identify and support village and village tract-level livelihoods and productive infrastructure priorities. 

ERLIP has three key components:   

  1. Help participating communities identify, prioritize and plan their development needs and produce Village Development Plans (VDPs)
  2. Provide block grants to construct or improve priority infrastructure and implement initiatives to improve livelihoods, as prioritised in the VDPs
  3. Deliver project management support for Components 'A' and 'B' through Cardno’s team, providing:
  • technical advice in livelihoods, community development and infrastructure 
  • training and on-the-job support for DRD staff in planning, management and project implementation  
  • training DRD and support service provider (SSP) staff in social and environmental safeguards to ensure appropriate and sustainable infrastructure is built 
  • capacity building to national and township-level DRD counterparts, as well as SSP staff at township level 
  • support for financial management, procurement and contracting at the central level 
  • support for the monitoring function, and disseminating lessons learned to inform the future scale-up of the Project

The Project aims to address the significant gap in basic services and community infrastructure, and the absence of workable livelihood opportunities in the ERLIP villages. Through the ERLIP, the participating villages are expected to see improved essential productive rural and social infrastructure to lead to better income opportunities. This aims to improve agricultural productivity, enhance livelihoods and reduce poverty in the selected states/regions. 

As ERLIP townships are all rural, and among the poorest in their states/regions, it’s expected that more than 117,429 people will benefit directly from the intervention in the three target townships. 

Cardno is working hand-in-hand with DRD project staff at the central level to maximise community reach and participation. A team of national specialists and international advisors also share offices with DRD project-dedicated staff in Nayipitaw, which ensures both continuous exchange and capacity building, as well as implementation tailored to the national context, thereby further guaranteeing the project’s sustainability.