Emerald Hills Estate – Greenfield Residential Subdivision

Aerial Photograph of Emerald Hills Estate residential subdivision

Cardno’s involvement helped the project achieve cost effective design, by providing innovative engineering solutions and improving existing flooding issues.

Emerald Hills Estate is a greenfield residential subdivision delivering 1300 lots, along with a 10,000m² neighbourhood retail centre, primary school, playing fields, riparian corridor and various open space facilities.

Located in Leppington in New South Wales along the Camden Valley Way growth corridor, the site is a contiguous block of approximately 130 hectares, which has historically been used for pastoral activities.

The project will be delivered over the coming years in multiple stages with houses occupied from 2015.

Stages 1-3 have been constructed, Stages 4-6 are currently under construction and Stages 7-11 will be developed over the coming years with Cardno providing civil engineering design.

There were many challenges faced during the design development of various stages including steep site, working under existing 330kV overhead electricity, existing flooding issues on downstream road and protecting environmental conservation area. The downstream road was subject to existing flooding issues. During the design, the catchments were modified and detention basins were designed to ensure the stormwater flows from the developed catchment did not exceed the predeveloped conditions. Cardno’s involvement ensured the stormwater flows to downstream road were reduced and the existing flooding condition was improved.

With continuous discussions with Council and stakeholders we managed to achieve the result that was acceptable to the Council and beneficial to the community.

As the principal consultant for the development, Cardno provided the following services:

  • project management and master planning
  • bulk earthworks
  • detailed road and drainage design
  • trunk drainage
  • coordination of services infrastructure
  • traffic, transport and flood planning.

As Sydney Water's project coordinator, Cardno was engaged for the delivery of a sewage pumping station to service Emerald Hills Estate and adjoining developments. The pump station is now operational and servicing the project.