Environmental Restoration and Ecological Management of Invasive Plant Species

In an effort to create a healthy ecosystem for Joint Base Langley- Eustis (JBLE), Cardno conducted monitoring, eradication and re-evaluation of invasive plant species.

JBLE, as part of the overall Natural Resource Management Plan wanted to restore a dredge spoil disposal site back to the original habitat of tidal wetlands as well as invasive species control on the installation under the Invasive Species Management Pan. 

Cardno identified the following species marked for eradication in favor of native species: Phragmites (Phragmites australis). Cardno mapped the extent of invasive species, then directed an aerial spray program to kill the invasive plants.

Prescribed burns were then conducted in the area to remove dead phragmites detritus to create open habitat for colonization of native species. As part of the plan, Cardno conducted follow up herbicide treatments to target small pockets of invasive plants, and finally installed native grasses and shrub plant species.

The result of the plan is a restored tidal wetland, however, ongoing treatment for invasive species is required to allow for native plants to effectively re-colonize the areas.