Eastern Middlesex County Regional Public Water System

Model Predicted Area of Impact (AOI) and Critical Cells in Potomac Aquifer

Cardno provided groundwater modeling, alternate source evaluation, aquifer testing, groundwater withdrawal permitting, and water demand planning.

In Virginia, the Middlesex Water Authority (MWA) hoped to develop a public water system for the Village of Deltaville, an area with generally poor groundwater quality from shallow aquifers. Previous attempts to develop a water system using deep wells proved to be cost-prohibitive.

Due to interest and need, MWA decided to expand the proposed water system to a regional utility from the Urbanna and Cook’s Corner area to Deltaville. Cardno was contracted to conduct a search and analysis of water source alternatives for the eastern part of Middlesex County. The analysis included the review of construction, yield, and water quality data from approximately 80 existing wells. During the analysis, the team discovered two existing deep aquifer wells with excellent water quality and yields in excess of 800 gallons per minute (gpm) each.

Cardno prepared the Groundwater Withdrawal Permit application for the new regional water system, including a comprehensive water demand model and water conservation and management plan. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality approved the application and issued the permit.

Our team was proud to be involved in an important project to deliver quality water for a community and region in great need of this service. Cardno recently attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the brand-new public water system, which will provide clean and reliable drinking water to customers and fire protection to all residents and businesses along the water main routes.