Eastern Golf Course Redevelopment

We were engaged by Mirvac to provide multi-disciplinary consulting and design services for the development of an existing golf course – Eastern Golf Course in Doncaster, Victoria – into Tullamore Estate.

Our Water and Environment (WnE) team provided planning and strategic stormwater advice services and obtained authority approvals for the Stormwater Strategy.

Our WnE team also developed the strategy through to detailed design and construction.


In 2011, Mirvac purchased the 47-hectare site of the Eastern Golf Club after course operators decided to relocate to the Yarra Valley.

Mirvac unveiled plans to develop the golf course into Tullamore Estate, a new residential community with 800 dwellings, parklands, playgrounds, walking and cycling trails.

The key to their vision was maintaining the abundance of mature and habitat trees and making key infrastructure components focal points of the development.

Through this vision the community has achieved a Six Leaf sustainability rating with the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA).

Site-works commenced in mid-2015.

WnE involvement

Our WnE team carried out stormwater modelling services as part of the planning phase.

This was to ensure the flood management for the flows inside the estate and flows coming from outside the estate benefits the infill dwellings. This work also improved flooding for those nearby and downstream of the estate.

The stormwater infrastructure includes:

  • A 11,000m3 retarding basin to mitigate proposed site flows plus existing flooding problems downstream of the site
  • A 600m long overland flow path complete with shared pedestrian/cycle path that crosses flow path numerous times via elevated boardwalks.
  • An 850m2 Bio-Retention Planter Bed plus tanks to treat stormwater to best practice standards and provide treated water for irrigation reuse or planter re-circulation during dry periods.

Working closely with design partner MDG Landscape Architects, we delivered hard infrastructure that marries in with its surrounds where management of challenging topographic, environmental and hydrologic conditions were all addressed.