Duck Pond Stormwater Pipeline and Pumping Station

Duck post stormwater pump station intake with station in view

Cardno designs and permits a submersible stormwater pumping station, connecting with the City of Tampa’s stormwater pipeline.

Cardno was responsible for the design and permitting of a submersible stormwater pumping station and approximately 4,100 linear feet of 36-inch ductile iron force main, which connected Duck Pond with the City of Tampa’s stormwater pipeline approximately 80 feet north of 113th Avenue on 30th Street. The route included approximately 2,600 linear feet of force main within a lane of traffic along Bruce B. Downs (30th Street) and approximately 1,500 linear feet of force main within an existing drainage ditch easement west of 30th Street. 

The majority of the pipeline design included installation by open cut. However, trenchless methods were used including installation by jack and bore along Bruce B. Downs at the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad crossing, and installation by microtunnel under Fowler Avenue at the intersection of 30th Street East.    

The pump station design included four submersible variable frequency drive (VFD) pumps, pumping at a rate of 26 to 70 cubic feet per second (cfs).

The site included an intake structure, wet well, pumps, electrical panels, emergency generator with below ground fuel storage, and masonry building to house the generator and electrical controls. 

The station manifolded with the City of Tampa’s Donut Pond pumping station, therefore, a SCADA system RTU was included in the pump station design.  The RTU was connected through a radio link to the Donut Pond stormwater pumping station.